Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Trash Bag Bunch.

God, I used to love these as a kid. They seemed to appear, then disappear pretty quickly on the toy-market, but they were awesome. They never caught on as a craze, like other toys, like Boglins (or rather mini-boglins), but I think they were a pretty underrated toy. They only had two flaws in my eyes. (1) You couldn’t see which one you were buying, you just had to pick a bag at random, and hope it was one you needed when you dropped it in water. And they weren’t that cheap for something you’d be buying blindly. (2: which is more of a personal flaw, anyway.) I’d buy one of these hoping to get a cool little monster, and they always turned out to be a little space-guy. Sure… the little space-guys looked cool enough, but even back then I was a horror guy, and the monsters were the cool ones I wanted.

Is it weird, that I find it a little depressing that these guys don’t even have a wiki-entry? If I was one of those guys that won too much money on the lottery, and didn’t know what to do with it… I’d probably spend my days trying to hunt down and collect all the monsters from this franchise, off the internet and from collectors. Then I move onto mini-boglins. Then maybe Monster In My Pocket (that brand sounds a lot more phallic to my adult-ears.)

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